Kuala Lumpur based photographer specializing in documentary and portraiture.

Ray is originally from Malaysia, where he researches and explores amongst the many exquisites that life offers, in his studio as well as on the streets. He seeks beauty of all kinds, respecting it and capturing it in the most raw and real moments to create a sense of feeling. Through his photographs, he aims to excite intense delight and admiration through a combination of reality and imagination.

Clients + Published Work

Airbnb, Rapha, Black Sheep Cycling Australia, Elle, Samsung, Wondermilk, Common Ground, Harper's Bazaar, Leica, Poler Stuff, Grab, Industry of All Nations, Timberland, Ala Champ, Conde Nast Traveler, Visa.


KLPA Galeri Petronas, Malaysia - 2013

Mt. Rokko International Photo Festival, Japan - 2014

Two Mountains Photography Project, Malaysia - 2014

TOKYO-GA's La Librairie Imaginaire Paris, France - 2014

Atelier Sangatsu Osaka, Japan - 2018